May 11, 2021
Proper solid waste management that Everyone should know

Proper solid waste management that Everyone should know

Solid type of waste is one of the categories in the waste management unit that need to be well organized. Lack of knowledge brings lots of solid material waste that can be utilized in a better way. Here the question is how we can manage solid waste for that first we need to understand first you need to understand what is solid waste classification.

Solid  waste classification

Depending on the sources of production solid waste is categorized as

  • Industrial waste
  • Agriculture waste
  • Biomedical waste
  • Municipal solid waste
  • institutional or commercial waste

Depending on types the further categorize are-

  • Plastic
  • Metal waste
  • Garbage
  • Bulk waste
  • Street waste
  • Dead animals
  • Construction waste
  • Demolition waste
  • Mining waste

And according to a property of it, Solid waste is categorized into two main categorize

  • Biodegradable
  • Non- biodegradable.

Here we have done with the classification of solid waste. This classification helps a lot to manage solid waste.

Solid waste management Tips

  1. The process starts with solid waste collection. Proper collection of solid material that is not going to use primarily starts from municipal waste. As the people in India are not throwing the waste separately that makes it difficult to collect solid waste separately. Before we start to organize and manage solid waste. It needs to be separated first.
  2. Collect your waste in different poly bags. Blue color bin for recyclable waste, the brown bin is for kitchen and green or grey bin for non-recyclable waste.
  3. Avoid taking not reusable bags from the market.
  4. Make a dumbing place in your backyard for biodegradable solid waste. Make own fertilizer at home and can be utilized for your home garden.
  5. Keep the glass waste aside and packed it in multiple layers of paper. To avoid any kind of injury to waste collecter.
  6. Make your people aware of how to keep dry and wet waste in a separate place.
  7. Collect the kitchen waste like vegetable waste and try to use it to feed animals.
  8. Use recyclable or biodegradable disposal.
  9. Find out the industries that can utilize your household waste.
  10. You can sale electronic waste. The collecter of e-waste separates the plastic and metal part and utilize it for further processing.
  11. If you found dead animals around, you should build them in mud and they get degraded naturally.
  12. Plastic waste is utilized in creating many decorative objects.
  13. Construction waste either send to its recycle center or reused in other usable products.
  14. Glass collected from waste is first cleaned and then melted. This melted substance is created new usable glass products. Like jars, containers, utensils.
  15. Industrial solid waste pollutes water and ground. So it is collected and send to where it can be utilized. It’s a bulk waste too.


I have discussed the basic part of managing slid waste in your daily life. These are simple tips that can be utilized to manage household solid waste. Vegetable waste can be utilized to feed animals. Paper waste is sold and utilized in further processing. Metal solid waste is also recycled and used just need to handover to a person that converts it.


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